Monday, April 21, 2008

Paper Cuts

There are some really cool things you can do with an X-ACTO knife. Jon showed me these pieces by Peter Callasen. I think making something like this would be really relaxing. Just you and the knife. It's insane that something so intricate comes from one piece of paper. If you look at some of the other works on his website, you can just imagine how much planning it takes to construct 3-D models from a paper and have the scraps remain as a part of the art.

I have a slammin' X-ACTO knife set at work (15 blades, what what?) and all I've been doing is cutting out squares. I'm going to try something like this.. we'll see what happens. Thanks for Jon, my informal contributing editor, for showing this to me:)

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JonRoss said...

no prob Bob. cant wait for my watch...needs to happen. Robot Rock!