Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kate knows Poppy

I was browsing through Swoozie's in Sugar Land yesterday and I got sidetracked by Crane & Co's Kate Spade stationary. Swoozie's had a limited selection and upon further (online) obesessing, I found these yummy Poppy invitations. Although these are pretty universal, the lady has a cheecky little card for every occasion.

OK, also dying over these sassy, quip thank you cards. The print is hardly legible from this picture but each card reads:

it's perfect
you shouldn't have but i'm glad you did
how did you know?
you've done it again

loving it.


Apt. #34 said...

Thanks for stopping by Apt #34 -Love these Kate Spade cards - a girl can never have too many thank you notes lying around!

Diana said...

great find - love it!

Alkemie said...

oooh I love the set at the bottom with the outlines! Very classy.