Wednesday, April 23, 2008

College Station Comma Texas

Over the weekend I spontaniously joined my friend Matt's (& Natasha) trip to College Station. I hadn't been there since 7th grade for an Aggie game so I didn't know what to expect. For the non-Texan readers, College station is where the Texas A&M campus is located and is known for its conservative values.

I knew I'd see a different side of it, by the company I was keeping, but I didn't expect to march down Northgate with a full-blown circus parade and attend a fabulously themed Nautical Party. I also got a chance to tour "The Neighborhood," a small community of barrack-like homes, housed by art students who made their little part of college station look like Austin(keepin' it weird, y'all). The pictures above are from The Neighborhood.

Check out Matt's pictures The albums titled Circus and Nautical should give you a good idea of the nights events.

I had such a great time with Matt and Natasha. Thanks for much for making me feel so welcome.

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