Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Stuff

The weekend went by too fast. Thanks for Chelsey & Michelle for visiting-- I had a such a great time. We spent all day Saturday checking out Montrose, Rice Village and Highland Village. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful.

We had lunch at Hungry's, which might be my new favorite place. The chicken avacado sandwich was absolute heaven. Their food definitly holds a candle to San Marcos' Root Cellar Cafe. (Shout out to The Rae!).

Saturday we hit up a few places with the guidance of Matt Murand. One of our stops was Dean's Credit Clothing Company, a place I had been to before, but this time there was a ridiculous amount of rug-cutting. I was happy to discover that on the second Saturday of every month there's theme parties.

Next month is Ninja vs. Cowboys, and June will be the super awesome Lisa Frank unicorn dance party. Book your hotels now-- this one is going to be bitchin.

I went to the Lisa Frank website to snatch a picture of one of her unicorns, only to find out that it's name is Rainbow Chaser and her secret talent is dancing. Perfect.


JonRoss said...

say gurl. Can I have a chase at your rainbow?!?!! Mmmmm...

amber said...

oooh that top image of the jasmine with the sun shining through is so pretty!