Thursday, April 17, 2008

For the Sophisticated Keg Partier

A couple weeks ago in Austin, I went to a pretty cool party on West Campus. It wasn't the typical UT party.. this had the faboulous DJ known as LAX-- so it wasn't a typical anything party. There was a keg of course, and with that, a shortage of cups. By the time my friends and I showed up we resorted to drinking our beer out of extra large mason jars and coffee cups. Hmph. I'm not too old for this..

I know I just gradauted and all, but I think with the exception of that party, I hadn't been a regular at any keg parties in a looonnngg time. Anyway, these glass cups from CB2, Crate+Barrel's little brother, are a nostalgic nod to the keg years. I want some, stat!!


JonRoss said...

you misspelled sophisticated.
cool cups. 6.5 hrs.

suzannemarques said...

how cute these cups are.. they remind me of the cups in the link below...