Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Dogs

1. Boyfriend is back in town.. we made our first stop at Japaneiro's, always the most amazing food!

2. Went to Houston ArtCrawl, had a great time drinking wine with friends. We didn't get to too many studios, but I really liked this one. Patrick Medrano is the name. That's the sweet dog who inhabited studio TwentyTwenty. The painting in the very right hand corner of the dog picture is called Pig Toss. The full version is the sea foam green photo. It must be 10' x 7'? Massive.

3. Tried a new restaurant, Bluefish sushi in Houston. I was surprised to find that they had fried ice cream! I only noticed this as we were leaving, so I will have to go back.

4. I'm dog sittng a big hairy dog named Scout. He's going to get me back on the working man's schedule.

5. I got a LOT done with my little project. Still keeping it on the hush.

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benson said...

color me curious about your fun!