Monday, November 17, 2008

Purple Prep

Just watched my latest Netflix selection, Secretary (2002) with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader (my unexplained, Boston Legal crush). Yowza. How did I miss the boat on this one? The visuals are so pretty and they had the sexy/nerdy secretary look pegged way before it caught on at the Gap. Exactly, when was that? 2004, 2005? I don't know. Irrelevant. I still appreciate a good pencil skirt when I see one.

Anyway, I liked this movie. It was a genuine love story, not just a cheap chance to show some nakedness. I loved how her character's wardrobe matures throughout but still keeps it real with all the purple. And all the wallpaper, orchids, carpet.. the whole set was overloaded with color and patterns. Pretty pretty.

I looked at the credits to see what other projects the set directors and art directors were involved in and basically their only other claim to fame was something involving the Cheetah Girls. Boo! P.S. Cheetah Girls just got nixed from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade because one of them was showing their business on the internet. Ha!

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carly said...

I'm staying at Texas State for grad school. I researched other schools in the state and none had what I was really looking for, besides TxState. Besides, I'm not quite ready to leave San Marcos. :) How are you? How's the job hunt going?