Thursday, November 6, 2008

back back back

Okay, so we're back from Mexico. It was a very interesting trip. First of all, our luggage never made it, but we manged after rummaging through my grandparents' clothes and buying a few basics from the grocery store (white v-neck tee) and the Mexican markets. We got to know the streets of San Miguel pretty well, finding our favorite places to start the day and to end the day.

It was a blast capturing all the colors of this culture and I can't wait to share it with you guys over the next week or so. I have tons of food, flowers and interior shots.

Also.. my Grandmother's poodle had a litter of seven puppes while we were there, it really made our trip special to be able to play with poodle puppies every day!

We were also excited to come home to election night. Wow.. all of the footage from the Chicago Obama rally was completely striking. No words other than gracious could have described McCain's speech. I personally felt that either of them would have made positive changes ( at a very tough job), but I am more excited to see what Obama's going to do for our country.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Glad you made it home safely. Those puppies are so precious! Are you keeping one?

benson said...

thank you for being so eloquent in your thoughts on the election...nicely said for both parties.