Thursday, November 13, 2008

More SMA Food

There was so much delicious food to enjoy without breaking the bank. It was nice to be somewhere where the dollar wasn't worthless.

1. chicken drenched in chipotle pepper sauce with mango salsa-- this was my favorite meal of the whole trip. From La Posadita on the Jardin.

2. All the spices that accompanied my 70.00 peso chicken soup ( 5.32 USD). Fresh and AMAZING!

3. the chicken soup all it's garnishes

4. spicy chicken

5. gourmet chocolates in EVERY flavor: Cinnamon, coffee, ginger, chile.. you name it.

6. warm pink pastries

Fortunately we walked everywhere and burned those pastry and chocolate calories right off. If anyone goes to San Miguel and is looking for good traditional Mexican food, I HIGHLY recommend La Posadita. The restaurant has two levels, one of which is a huge rooftop terrace that will either give you a view of the Parroqia, a 15th century church or the Mexican hillside sprinkled with colorful Spanish-style buildings.

Since I've been home, I've had Mexican food approximately six times: Berry Hill, Fajita Flats, Los Tios, Chipotle to name a few. Chelsey and I decided that Mexican food is just 'regular food'.

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Aubrey said...

omg that food looks amazing! I totally hear what you're saying about the dollar too! Although what's happening with the economy is horrible, I hope maybe everything else will neutralize so I can eat in London! lol