Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sick Excitement

I woke up at 5:00 am today. This is unusual because I've been sleeping in until 10:30'ish on days that I do not work. The early rise is a mix of excitement for New Orleans (we leave tonight, stay overnight at the BF's grandparent's Lake house, leave for NO tomorrow, arrive in early afternoon) and the Theraflu I drank last night that made me pass out at 9:00 PM (I'm feeling all sore-throaty).

Even though our destination is only five hours away, I feel like it's a different country because come on, it is. CAJUN COUNTRY. Yes, good jokes in the a.m.

Thanks to the New Orleans D*S guide (+ reader comments) and the Domino Magazine Shopping Guide, I'm in good hands.

P.S. If you're traveling anywhere, a good up-to-date resource for delicious eats, and trendy, unique shopping is the Design*Sponge guides. I look at the Houston one all the time, and I live here. Check out the full list here.

New Orleans photo from David Paul Ohmer.


Visual Vamp said...

Let's have coffee!
Please e-mail me: mizvtheb@yahoo.com
xo xo
Ps Nice blog! Would you like to share links on our respective blog rolls?

benson said...

have fun and tell us ALL about it!! Watch out for that chicory coffee :) but eat lots of beignets.