Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lawndale Art Center

In the space of absence | Kathy Kelley

John M. O'Quinn Gallery

“This project is composed of a series of visual explorations toying with the ideas of continuous consumption, the stunting of growth via unending wanting, the never ending suckling of consumer goods without fulfillment, in conjunction with some of Melanie Klein's object relations theory on personality development, envy and gratitude or lack thereof, her referencing of the experience of breast feeding as being determinant in much about who a person becomes (old theory coming on the heals of Freud but interesting). The work is a visceral response to this dissection of the incessant wanting of consumer culture on the self with each element becoming referential of the shadow self.” – Kathy Kelley

found sound (Public Music Reconnaissance) | Patrick Renner
January 23 – February 28, 2009

Mezzanine Gallery

Patrick Renner will present an installation consisting of found telephone poles with attached sound-harvesting devices. These mechanisms, based on the function of the standard music box, will be activated by all the leftover nails, staples, and hardware used to hang public notices of garage sales, lost pets, property listings, et al. The random melody the devices produce is the reinterpretation of imbedded information that we see all the time as we pass through the urban landscape.

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