Friday, January 30, 2009


highlights, thoughts...

-BF got the job that he's been chasing after since before college graduation. I'm so proud of him!

-We signed a lease in an area that we *love.* Already have pretend dinner and cocktail party plans at our new place.

-So close to launching project with Chelsey. Tieing up loose ends.

-My old friend Nick Espinosa (check out he & his cute wife's blog here) was featured on life hacker for easing up the pain of tracking finances.

-Probably not going to be blogging too much next week, as I'll be packing. :( slash :)

-I've been enjoying reading all my favorite blogs especially since Domino is in the can. I bet we'll see a bunch of new, fabulous design blogs coming out of the woodwork from all the former CondeNast'ers.

Have a great weekend!

photo by Scott Bush

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benson said...

do tell! where are you moving to? what an exciting time--best of luck in your new adventure!