Friday, October 17, 2008

Wishful Packing

San Miguel de Allende by explauren

I'm beyond excited about my "checkin' it out" trip to San Miguel. It looks like we might be there for 8-10 days and for Day of the Dead. Unfortunately, that region of Mexico is experiencing the rainy season, but at this point I cannot be picky. I'm definitely looking forward to cooler weather. I've packed my dream bag-- a debt-inducing jumble of items that would keep me dry walking through the cobblestone streets and a little delusional considering some of these items are 4X my rent.

peacock umbrella
Vanessa Bruno T-Shirt Dress
Burberry Privet Trench Coat
Olympus Stylus 850 SW waterproof camera
Marc by Marc Jacobs square-face watch
skinny jeans
chunky scarf
Longchamp Pliage waterproof bag
Wellington boots

I'm accepting donations :)


please sir said...

Oh yeah - great picks!

Krissy said...

wow! I love that orange top! Have a great weekend :)

karina said...

Nice pickings!

ashleigh said...

haha i loved the donations part. have fun on your trip to San Miguel!!

thanks so much for your lovely comment and support on my blog :)

jonross said...

ill prob wear my lounge shorts and a gray tee all week....maybe shoes????

Courtney said...

you're one heck of a packer! I'd be tempted to snag your bag on the airport carousel :)