Monday, October 13, 2008

Going Good.

I think I've missed being stressed out. It's been fun scrambling around looking for a temporary job, trying to plan a move to Mexico and maintain a social life. I'm just now realizing that the last few months I've been too comfortable with my situation.

I have a job interview today for an upscale restaurant in Houston's upper-Kirby district. I'm looking forward to that job because I'll actually get dress up! The construction industry doesn't care for fashion.

Also have a tentative interview for a temp job tomorrow. That will be much more boring, but hey-- mama's got to pay her bills.

We've got a date set for a San Miguel de Allende trip. We're going for a week to check things out to see if it's realistic for us to move there. I'm convinced I will move there by Feb. 2009. I've been a tad jealous of friends who were able to study abroad and actually learn a language and live in another country. In honor of the Mexican excitement I made some Spanish carmel flan over the weekend.


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mmmm that flan looks delicious!