Wednesday, September 17, 2008

YIKES! Hurricane Ike.

Wow.. sorry it's been so long since an update. We've got a little situation down here in Houston called Hurricane Ike. Fortunately, there's been no structural damage to myself or my family, just power outages.

For many others, they've lost their homes. The past few days have been stressful and chaotic, but things are starting to come back together. It doesn't hurt that the weather has been cooling down, allowing those without power to open their windows and let their houses breathe. (For anyone who doesn't know Houston weather, there's rare opportunity to open your windows before the end of October).

It's been awesome to see the humanity that comes out of people in situations like this. Some are just itching to run around and help. I've spent some of my time in Jon's parents' neighborhood where one man was going house to house repairing strangers' fences. Others are going around to the houses without electricity, gathering the perishable food and dirty laundry so they can give back a hot meal and clean towels.

Galveston County has seen the worst of it and still needs lots of help. Please donate to the Red Cross- Houston Chapter!

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