Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paris Interiors

Sigh.. back in Texas for less than a week and we're being "evacuated" due to hurricane Ike. We still haven't completely unpacked from Paris and we're already getting a change of venue. These pictures are from our "homes" in France.

The first four pictures are from the house in Paris. Arthur's mom lives in a suburb in Paris. It's a former orphanage from built in 1880. Arthur's Mom reupholsters furniture and collects art so there was fabulousness everywhere.

The last four pictures are some interiors of the castle-like country home in Champagne. This place was amazingly huge, old and enchanting. Arthur's Dad bought it a few years ago in poor condition and began renovating with the efforts of their entire family. Parts of the house date back to the 12th century. I loved all the little collections all over the house. His step-mother had dozens of espresso and tea sets stacked up in the kitchen (sorry the picture is dark). My favorite was the Christian Lacroix pastel ones we had the morning we left.

We are so grateful to have stayed in both of these homes. Much thanks to Arthur for both of these accommodations.

Okay.. I'm avoiding packing for Ike. Aur revoir!

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