Monday, September 22, 2008

Colors of San Antonio

Just when I thought I jinxed myself to a weekend without air conditioning and power , I had the opportunity to head toward San Antonio for the weekend with my Dad (+Jon). We shamelessly hit all the major touristy spots:

1. puppets in El Mercado
2. pastries at Mi Tierra-- the most awesome 24-hour Mexican Restaurant EVER!
3. lasers on the Riverwalk
4. umbrellas in El Mercado
5. pinatas at Mi Tierra
6. little girl and her fuzzy friend on a mechanic bull


please sir said...

Wow these are great photos - love the colors.

JonRoss said...

hey, i was there too!!! you forgot a letter t in "thoughT." i think its your first bloggin error...still good one, though!!