Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Koons Kitsch

One of my biggest surprises was stumbling upon Jeff Koons's work in Paris. I don't stay up-to-date on the latest "it" guy, but this man must have some bitchin PR people because I've come across his name in at least five magazines over the past few months. I couldn't get the shiny, blow-up images out of my head forever and the next thing I know, I arrive to Versailles in Paris and find a gold balloon flower greeting me. There were a few more pieces throughout the palace, some of them covered up..(WHY!?!??!). They couldn't hide the hanging heart though :)

Check out more of his stuff at his website. His "Celebration" collection will have you aching to be back at your best friend's 7th birthday party.


Courtney said...

WOW! Those look amazing and can only imagine how cool in person.

Krissy said...

Somewhere I saw that hanging heart piece is one of the most expensive pieces ever. That surprised me a bit!