Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's My Bag, Baby

Grooaaann to the Austin Powers reference!

I'll totally admit that I wanted to learn how to sew after watching Project Runway. I began taking sewing classes five weeks ago in Pearland, Texas. Those were the only classes available, so for four weeks I drove 30 miles to take 2 1/2 hour classes. The first two classes were pure instruction- I felt like I was back in school. The second two classes we worked on our project, a tote complete with interfacing and a sturdy bottom insert.

I enjoyed the class and I can't wait to make more totes (with fabric of my own choice this time..) So anyone who has a birthday in the next 4-5 months will more than likely receive a variation of this bag, but definitly with fabulous fabric from Amy Butler. If you haven't seen her fabric, you must. So Cute.


JonRoss said...

hey...i dont have anything coming up. Can I still have one??? Made out of RABBIT FUR!!!!!

Chocolate and Steel said...

Looks good! Great for a beginner. you may have a new career ahead of you:)