Monday, May 5, 2008


So, Last weekend I went to San Marcos and it was freakin' fabulous. Jon and I planned to meet up with some friends at the river and the weather was gorgeous and the water, amazing. I cannot wait to go back and swim in that water again.

Before we went to the river, Jaime's rescue cat had five kittens! I was so excited because I grew up an animal hater (sorry!) and never got to see fresh kittens/puppies/elephants, etc. I arrived when there were four kittens (born hours before) and shortly after I left the mom had another. Kudos to Jaime and her boyfriend Daniel for running an animal shelter-- they're now housing two dogs and six cats. I'm kinda kinda considering adopting one of the babies myself. It's hard to see the four kittens in this picture, but they're all there. The fifth was in the womb at this point.

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