Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I found this image (left) of an art installation, saved it yesterday, but for the life me cannot remember where I stole it from or who did it. So, obviously there is some artist out there who deserves some cred for being the inspiration for my Mother's Day card.

My mom is going to Minnesota this Mother's Day and she'll be away from her kiddies for the first time, so we're doing celebrating the holiday tomorrow. Sidestory: I started sewing her a little tote, but I cleverly (ahem..accidently) sewed the handles between the lining and the outside of the bag. So, today I'll start all over, hopefully with better results.

P.S. It's a vase of flowers, not golf clubs!


JonRoss said...

nice golf clubs. she'll like it

*L said...

oh, come on!!

Stephanie said...

I love papercuts - and I love that you included the inspiration piece. Very cool.