Monday, May 12, 2008

Darkness & Dancing

This weekend was a lot of fun due Jon and Elyse being in town. On Saturday we went to the Houston Dynamo game (they won, hooray!) and then we went out to a swanky club called The Drake. I totally judged the place by the crowd-- lots of over-bleached, over-tanned ladies with their equally bleached/spiked male coutnerparts being all desperate to get inside. But seriously, it was soo much fun, we danced our rumps off.

The interior was very dark and glam with low-lighting chandeliers and tufted furniture everywhere. The club owners took a cue from The Osbourne's personal decorator by keeping it nice and gothic. The Barcelona Chair from Design Within Reach and these curtains from Urban Outfitters will let you channel your own prince/princess darkness.

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Flea Market Queen said...

Sounds like you had fun!
Thanks for the visit...