Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend of gluttony

- went to Maria Selma Mexican in Montrose. a little over-priced, but good.

- stocked up on desserts from Thierry Anre Tellier Cafe & Pastry Shop. ohmygoshsoyummy.

-went to Texas Junk Co. for the first time. Wow, if you need, want a pair of fabulous vintage leather boots, this is THE place to go. Huge selection prices from $30-60.

-BF brought me three time world champion gumbo from Lafayette, LA. Delicious.

-Tokyohana Sushi in River Oaks has the best drink and sushi specials. We made out like bandits.

-Saw I Love You, Man. Paul Rudd is dreamy as always. He and Jason Siegal are funny. I laughed. Out Loud. A lot.

- met with BF's family for dinner at Goode Co. Taqueria. My so filling. I woke up full and still taste the grilled onions in my mouth.

I envision vegetables for the rest of the week....

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