Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lavender Blonde

I'm loving Lady GaGa right now. I saw this picture of her on Perez Hilton (guilty) the other day and totally fell in love with her lavender streaks in her platinum blond hair... then I stalked her tour and twitter, to find that A: she is not coming to Texas :( and B: she realizes how awesome her hair is too!

Via twitter: getting my hair done. lavender blond is my newest obsession. 7 days till the fame ball. ill begin vomiting with creative anxiety on the 9th.

In 2002, I absolutely swore to myself that I would never have blond hair again, but this women temps me to go all the way.

1 comment:

chelsey dyer said...

the lavender is sooooo precious.

this is almost tempting enough to want to pull out the ol' peroxide.

not really. i'm stuck as a brunette fo lyfe.