Friday, March 27, 2009

Anvil Bar & Refuge

So last night I headed out to Montrose's Anvil Bar & Refuge, a cocktail bar run by Robert Heugel, Kevin Floyd, and Steve Flippo-- a couple of cocktail freaks who also manage Drink Dogma, a cocktail blog dedicated to art and seduction of quality spirits.

My first drink was adorable and delicious. Gin, honey and lemon. Named for something related to a bee. I don't remember, but it was good. Didn't want to drink it too fast good. My second drink was a drink that involved egg whites and tequila. It was okay. Kinda frothy and didn't sit right knowing the two were mixed. The atmosphere was great, the clientele was a little more upscale than one would expect, but I think that will balance out as time goes on.

Jacked pictures from Drink Dogma and someone's flickr account, who obviously has some stake in the bar. Both sites provide lots of neat photos and information about how the the bar came to be.

Sidenote: I hate that I ended two sentences on this post with prepositions.

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