Thursday, March 12, 2009

things, updates, thoughts

1. Got my contract extended for a couple more months! what's a recession?

2. Enjoyed a couple recession sales-- got a Chris Benz tuxedo jacket a la for 93& off the original price. Kid you not. Also, a pair of gold shoes that are so incredibly comfortable and are the butt of grandma, cruise and shuffleboard jokes. I'm so proud.

3.Just started watching Summer Heights High, the best new comedy, guaranteed. If you like the Office, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, you will LOVE this. It's a character-driven, satirical mockumentary of the lives of high school students, powered by the hilarious Chris Lilley (remember this name) playing three parts perfectly. The DVDs were just released in the States this month so get it before Netflix puts you on the waiting list.

4. We're definitely getting a puppy this weekend. I have no idea what kind though? We will adopt from this place that utilizes vacant retail space in Highland Village to show of sweet little animals to hot, rich River Oaks mamas. So, it just depends on what is available.

5. I love being a short walk from a cupcake bakery. It's just rare that I get home from work before they sell out!

.. and that's it. I'm off to a commercial shoot for work. sounds glamorous doesn't it? It's for a plumbing company!


carly said...

oh lauren, I am so jealous. I want a puppy so bad it's not even funny. Post lots of pictures so I can vicariously live through you :-P

jonross said...

Miss are you on your period yet or something.