Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off to the Capitol...(of TX)


...and this is the money-is-no-object version of what I'll be wearing. I'll probably look more like Liz Lemon from the first episode of 30 Rock: frumpy, stains, toothpaste on the face. Kidding, kidding.

Our agenda is nuts! here's just a taste of what we'll be doing:

-touring the capitol, meeting with Gov. Rick Perry
-eating at Stubbs BBQ (yummm)
-eating and staying at The Driskill (!!)
-watching a film at Bob Bullock Texas State Museum
-meeting the Attorney General, some senators and commissioners
-going to a cemetery (!?!?)
-6th Street (for any non-Texans, it is similar to Bourbon Street)

Sounds like lots of walking! We're all leaving on a bus at 5:30 am and we were slightly encouraged to bring alcohol on the bus. I don't think I will partake, and I can't imagine who would want to drink that early.

I hate that I'm going to a city where I have so many friends, but I literally won't have a moment to see any of them. It's okay though, the group I am going with is very diverse and a ton of fun and I love any excuse to go to Austin.

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