Friday, February 20, 2009

aw, thanks

image by photographer alix malka.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and warm about passing along the news of our shop.

My mom, boyfriend's dad, and jacci sent a lot of people our way and I'm very grateful!

Here's a fun video if you're hankering for some Europe.. it's of Chelsey and her boyfriend (and our friend!), Josh in Spain.

I realize that I mention Chelsey AT LEAST once a week. I should start paying her for being so bloggable. No, we're not dating. And I totally realize I didn't give her a birthday shout on the blog.


You guys have a great weekend!! I'm looking forward to eating & shopping in the new hood.


Krista said...

A little FYI, I featured your etsy shop on my blog today!

Krista said...

If by trade links you mean linking your blog to mine and vice versa, then yes, I would love to do that!

chelsey dyer said...

aw, thanks for all the lovin.