Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NEED HELP! Shoe Advice!

Last weekend was my mama's birthday! I wore heels for six hours straight and am still paying the price for it! My feet STILL HURT.

I'm just coming to realize that all my shoes are cheap, archless and terrible for me. I'm committed to finding some ergonomic, comfortable shoes. There's Sofft and Naturalizer...looking kind of similar. But, I really fell in love with these Clarks, although a way too casual for my purposes.

I'm going to Austin and DC in the next few months for a thing and have to dress up and walk around the city. Yikes. I have yet to find cute, comfortable heels under $200. Do they exist? Please tell me!


Jacci said...

hey lauren, it's jacci grannis. i hope you don't think it's weird i read your blog, but i absolutely love it!

anyway, about the shoe thing. i know how you feel, all my shoes are super cheap too, but i ALWAYS need height. if you absolutely have to have a heel, i wouldn't call them super "comfortable" but i've survived the mall in them... i think it's these ones, if not they're really similar. or you could try to find a heel with a little bit of height under the toe too, that always takes some pain out.

oh, and i basically live in wedges. they are so much more comfortable but still give the height, duh. it's just hard to make them look right with skinny jeans.

hope i helped somehow!

Susie said...

Cole Haan Nike Air heels - the heel height ranges from flat to 4"+. They retail for a lot (some close to $200+), but I've gotten all mine on eBay.

*L said...

thanks ladies!! i'll let y'all know what happens!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...