Monday, August 18, 2008

Foodie Weekend

This weekend was absolutely delightful. Looking back on the highlights.. many of them involved food. To balance it out, there was some lots soccer for Jon and a little bit of power-walking for myself.

I got to use these neat little egg fry rings from Williams-Sanoma. Work like a charm and perfect for an English muffin.

We went into Chinatown last night for dumplings at Lai Lai Dumpling House with Jon's dad, Scott and our friend Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown suggested the place, it was awesome and CHEAP. I can't wait to go back and show it off to visitors.

Afterward we headed next door to an Asian bakery and found pretty little breads and pastries... I LOVE the stamped pastry the most. I didn't get any because they were stuffed with meat and I was already full from the dumpling dinner. The pastel breads look like they're straight out of Seussville and the purple ones look like mold and probably taste like heaven. I ended up buying super-thin vanilla tea cookies with sesame seeds. When I got home I crushed them over mint chocolate chip ice cream and gorged.

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