Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Every Day Matters

Some pretty ladies in color. Lately, I'm only drawing super girly things.. just keeping it pretty.

I was feeling pretty uninspired, so I was looking for a list of things to draw. I found this group called Every Day Matters, and everyone in the group draws the same thing for a year or something? The "challenge" happened last year, but it's a nice long list and I'm going to start doing it. Join me? I'll start tagging them "Every Day Matters."


Krissy said...

hooray for drawing super girly things! love the ballerinas!

scottcovington said...

This is a really great one! I'm so glad you are into this and would like to think I had a part in it.

If I didn't, lie!


Michelle said...

I love this one! you are a wonderful artist!! I can't draw, but I love arts and crafts..we should have an arts and crafts day one weekend! lol..for real though.