Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sew Ready.

I hate the word craft. I think of stenciled country-cute white trash crap. Today's "cool" crafts are now called DIY projects.. GRROOD NEWS: Sew Crafty is Houston's first craft studio and sewing lounge and it's opening this weekend. Finally.. sewing classes in Houston that don't aren't taught by 70-year women. (I snagged the image above from their website).

The grand opening will offer free sewing and craft classes. I doubt I'll make it down there, but I do look forward to eventually going to a Gocco class. Gocco is a Japanese form of printing that I had no idea even existed until yesterday.

This cute card from Jules128's Etsy Shop was made from GOCCO:

and that is cool. Bye.


JonRoss said...

i've been calling them crafts all this time. you must hate me for it. i think i even wrote it to you today....sorry. never ever again.

*L said...

it's okay toots. let's say projects...